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TEXAS ROAD RULES TEST 1. Passenger car or truck (with a manufacturers rated carrying capacity of not more tan 1500 pounds) which of the following must use safety belts? 1.) Only the driver. 2.) Only the driver and front seat passengers. 3.) All passengers. 4.) Only the front seat passengers.
Ans: 2 2. If You have an accident in which someone is injured, you should 5.) Carefully help anyone who might be hurt, and send for skilled help as quickly as possible. 6.) Assume that the victim is not injured if he says he is not. 7.) Immediately pick up the victim and take him to the hospital in your car. 8.) Get the name of witnesses before you do anything else.
Ans: 1 3. Vehicle skids are most likely to be caused by 9.) Too much ice or snow on the road. 10.) Air pressure in tires too low. 11.) Air pressure in tires too high. 12.) Driving too fast on slipping road.
Ans: 4 4. A Flashing red traffic light means 13.) Stop until the green light comes on. 14.) Detour. 15.) Slow down. 16.) Stop, look, and yield before proceeding.
Ans: 4 5. when you are taking medicine prescribed for you by a doctor you should 17.) Ask your doctor if it is safe for you to drive. 18.) Never drive. 19.) Drive only if you feel OK. 20.) Drive short distance only.
Ans: 1 6. If you move you should report your change of address within 21.) 24 hours 22.) 10 days. 23.) 48 hours. 24.) 2 weeks 25.) 30 days
Ans: 5 7. If you are driving at the speed limit and another car sounds his horn and starts to pass, you should 26.) Slow down and allow him to pass. 27.) Refuse to give way as he is already driving at the speed limit. 28.) Speed up to get out of his way. 29.) Sound…...

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