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Date: 31 October 2012

The result of this survey does show how I react and behave in my life. I was not surprised after I saw the result. Because the survey was very close to what I was thinking about myself, my react and behave.
According to the survey my self – actualizing style is in the medium range. In addition it is close to low range. Therefore I should have moderate interest and try to improve my self with these things. Also I may suspect my abilities to make difference.
Also the survey result does show that my achievement style in the high range. People who in the high range of achievement, strongly believe that they can change things and make them the way they think they could be, and these people are not afraid to take moderate, well-calculated risks.
The range in my perfectionistic style is medium. I might tend to see my ability to accomplish tasks as a measure of my self-worth. While people may see me as a diligent worker, my over-concern with being perfect can cause me to be abrupt and somewhat unresponsive to others feelings.
The survey shows that my competitive style is in the high range. İt is a consideration to be in the high range of this style. Because I tend to be the winner rather then perform well. Also I like to get attention, and getting attention means being in the center which can disturb the relationship with others.
My power-oriented style is in the high range. I really like to have the power and the control all the time. In addition I would be in charge in a workplace. This can affect my relationship with others as well. Because people do not feel comfortable to share their ideas and things with me.
According to the survey my Oppositional style is in the high range. To be honest during my life all my friend were complaining of my oppositional side. This causes me to tend being arrogant. Also I feel like…...

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...would be wrong and I would not get a good grade on an assignment or test. Some other ways that the dependent style is apparent in my work is that I make sure that my co-workers and even my boss is pleased with my work and I want to make sure that there are no mistakes before I submit any important documents to be processed. Another way is that when it comes to any customer, I can be very apologetic if something comes up that has not been done correctly, they have come back numerous times, and the issue still is not resolved. I always want to make sure that the customer is satisfied and that they know that they do not need to come back repeatedly about the same issue. When it comes to agreeing and disagreeing with these personal thinking styles, I agree with both outcomes of them, because that is what I do almost on a daily basis. With that, I am saying that I am always helpful to others (affiliative) and I always want to please everyone (dependent) in my life and my work life. So all in all, these styles can help me in my life and in my work life, but they can also hurt me in moving forward with my life and work life, because I can’t please everyone and I can’t always share all of my feelings to another person or customer. Unquestionably, my limiting style that is working against me and decreases my overall successfulness; this comes from me longing to be a perfectionist and to always complete an assignment to the utmost standard. Through entailing such a......

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