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Will Lululemon Athletica Become the Next Top Brand?
Christopher Boyken
MGT 4013
April 24, 2012

Executive Summary
Lululemon was founded by Chip Wilson in 1998. The company started out in Canada with several stores where the company eventually grew to 165 stores in Canada, United States, Australia and China. The industry in which Lululemon competes in is fitness apparel, with competitors such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Champion. The fitness apparel industry is very attractive with an ever growing increase in the amount of individuals choosing to lead a healthier life. Lululemon holds a good position in this industry and have room to grow in the future to gain an advantage over its competitors. The way Lululemon has been executing its strategy is a key factor to how well the company has been performing the past years. Although the company’s performance has been outstanding recently, there is a strategic issue in which Lululemon should try to deal with, and this is advertising. There is a couple of action plans that can be implemented and help fix the strategic issue Lululemon faces. Lululemon is a growing company that has a promising future and will continue to attract numerous investors.

Table of Contents Introduction (Needs and Purposes) 4 Strategic Posture 5 Brief History 5 Core Values 5 Mission Statement 9 Vision Statement 9 Business Definition 10 Broad Goals 12 Smart Objectives 14 Key Functional Strategies 16 Key Organizational Structure 19 Analysis of Strategic Posture 20 Conclusions/Recommendations 21 Macroenvironmental Analysis 21 Economic 22 Political 22 Technological 23 Societal 23 Conclusion 24 Industry Analysis 24 Dominant Economic Characteristics 24 Five Forces Model 26 Driving Forces 30 Strategic Group Map 33…...

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