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Year 10 Communications Technology
Unit: Animation Task Title: Stop Motion Name: Teacher: Mr Rogers Year: 2012 Term: 3

Date Given: 3/08/2012 Prelim Date: 4/09/2012 Due Date: 14/09/2012

Context for Learning
The moving pictures that we see on our television or at the movies are made up of many thousands of still pictures that, when played back reasonably quick, trick our brains into thinking there is movement. Modern video is composed of up to 30 frames per second and seems smooth when viewed. This same effect can be achieved at much lower frame rates and clever use of camera and editing techniques can create the illusion of movement when none really exists. Through these methods animated reality can be achieved, avoiding the need to draw 20-30 frames for every second of video.

Assessment Task
Design and produce a stop motion animation video. This will involve: 1. Writing a proposal outlining your planned story and how you intend to produce your animation (hand drawn, clay models, Lego/action figures/teddy bears, furniture, etc.) Also explain what equipment and software you plan to use (ask for assistance if uncertain). Follow the format on the next page. 2. Creating a storyboard with enough panels to demonstrate the shooting and editing plan. Follow the format on the next page. 3. Shoot and edit your video sequence using available equipment and software. Add sound effects, dialogue and music. Export as an AVI, WMV or MP4 file format at a high quality resolution saved using the naming conventions on the next page.

Assessment Conditions
Proposal Storyboard Animation 200-400 words 10 to 20 panels 20 to 60 seconds Due Week 3 Due Week 6 Due Week 9 Email Show in class Email or CD

Each student must submit their individual items; however, students may work in a group and pool their time to produce a longer animation. Students will be given class time to work…...

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