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Pierre Jaca, Cassandra Soliman, Apryll Vivas
San Beda College – College of Arts and Sciences
This research aims to provide an answer in understanding the behavior of consumers towards celebrity endorsements. It will give an answer as well as measuring the effectiveness of using celebrity endorsers from the high rating tv program of ABS-CBN, ASAP 18. Does the show, or the artists itself affect consumer’s behavior?
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One of the most significant Principle of Marketing is Promotion. It is a means of getting your message out to the public. This is mainly done through Advertising in the form of radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, television, on line promotions and moving media such as vehicles and agents. Among all these forms, the best and prevalent way of Advertising a product or a service is through the Television. It is said to be the most expensive yet most effective way of introducing the product in the market place to be known by the people. With Television, anyone who will be viewers of a TV channel can see and notice the product get endorsed. Moreover, certain high rating program affects product familiarity to viewers and customers because it is associated with appealing celebrities which can induce its desirability to the market place.

It is said that: Advertising needs to stop consumers and hold their attention in likable ways: “Where the eyes stops, the sale begins.” In the study, it is associated with a high rating TV program of ABS – CBN, ASAP 18 which is watched every Sunday noon to afternoon by the teenagers to tell how the celebrities pass their popularity to the product which will give its recognition and positive image. Advertising in these kind of program is like selling the product at every home of the TV viewers…...

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