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Manage Project
Objectives needs to be SMART
Project Life Cycle
Initiate -> Define (Project brief / Project Charter)
Plan -> Scoping (Project Plan / 5w’s 1h)
Execute -> Doing these two work at the same time
Monitoring -> Controlling
Closing -> Reviewing / Terminate (Project Review Report and Project Closure Report) T&T T&T = Terminate and Tranfer
Project Management mean discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to successfully achieve the project goal.
Project Management includes: * Tools * Techniques * Knowledge * Skills
Good Project Management minimizes risks
Project Management Triangle Quality * Inspect the Deliverable * Get Clients Approval

Cost Time * Compare Receipts - Compare Gantt Chart & Timesheet With Budgets VS WBS
Project Management Document Includes * Project Brief * Project Plan * Status Report * Review Report * Closure Report
Project: Temporary activity that has a start date and end date which also has a temporary team.
Stakeholder: Person who influence, affect and are interested in the project.
Resources: Anything you need to finish the project.
Time is NOT a Resource.
#1 Cost is Labour
Sponsor: A person that request the project and pays for it. / Who wants the project done.
Client: A person that uses what you make. / Who will “consume” whatever your project will produce.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): List all the activities that includes (Tasks, start date, end date and duration & Human resources)
Critical Path: Order of task that needs to be in / Shows the relationship / How are they related.
Gantt chart: Graphical (Visual / Picture) Representation of the work breakdown structure.
Risks Look at PowerPoint 4

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