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The Spectrum Brands Organize Using A Matrix Structure
A matrix structure as a project management structure sets up teams from different departments, thereby creating two or more intersecting lines of authority. Also, matrix addresses issues that arise with the growth, diversification, productivity, and competitiveness in its structure. Matrix structures provide flexibility, enhanced cooperation, and creativity. They enable the company to respond quickly to changes in the environment by giving special attention to specific projects or problems. An approached to organization design in which employees report both to a functional or departmental supervisor and a project supervisor is a matrix design.
When David Jones started his career in Rayovac in 1996, the company almost exclusively produced batteries. In his first year, Rayovac generated sales of about $400 million. Mr. Jones has changed the strategic direction of the company, introducing Matrix structures and he diversified the product lines and Rayovac is not competing in several different markets. Ultimately, Jones strategies have led to a name chang for the corporation. It is now known as the Spectrum Brands Corporation. The Spectrum Company not only produces batteries; but also many varieties like pet products, personal grooming, and lawn and garden care. Matrix structure has helps the company annual sales growth and diversified its production in to multi- items. The market becomes bigger in the world wide markets and the manufacturing has become a house whole name. Jones strategies have overall led a positive impact on the Spectrum Brands. Therefore, one could say that Matrix structure help shape the company toward becoming a prestigious house whole brand. At least in the present time, as we see the Spectrum Brands gross sales are $2.8 billion.
The Spectrum Brands Organize Using A Multidivisional…...

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