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Management Planning – Boeing
Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacture of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined (Boeing, 1995-2010). To maintain their success of the industry’s leader, one must look at the function of management planning along with the organizations levels of planning and how they are aligned to help the company maintain the leading position within the aerospace industry.
First we must look at the function and focus of management within the organization. According to Splinder (2008), “the management model used to direct the company’s planning focus is simple but an effective method for planning, acting, analyzing, and reinforcing methods that produce results. These are driven by Boeings aptitude to encourage growth and leadership from within the organization.” Boeing’s management established goals and objectives focused on financial performance, quality, customer satisfaction and growth, and growth in productivity (Splinder, 2008). The company would need to deliver results with performance and stock prices and hold employees accountable to achieve their goals and objectives.
The company would also need to consider the impact legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility would have on their success in achieving their plan. In 1996 as the company was merging with McDonnell Douglas Corporation, the company would go through a legal issue and experience the impact this issue would have on their organization. According to Holmes and France (2002), “a disaster was quietly unfolding inside Boeing Company’s sprawling factories - one that would ultimately wind up costing billions of dollars, cause several executives to lose their jobs, and lead to claims of accounting fraud.” Boeing was experiencing major production problems, and this did not come to light until after the merger with…...

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