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A Proposal
Undertaking Commissioning
Prime Medical College & Hospital
Prepared by
Bangladesh Institute of Healthcare Management & Research (BIHM&R)

KEY ISSUES AND OBJECTIVES…………………………………………………2
CLIENT REPORTING…………………………..…….…………………………...21
COSTS AND RESOURCES…………..……………..…………………………...22
TERMS AND CONDITIONS………………………....…………………………...23
Appendix 1 – Commissioning Programme

IHG has been invited, following recent meetings with the Client, to submit proposals for the commissioning and operational management of the Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital.
The hospital is currently under construction and has yet to be equipped and commissioned and the scheduled opening date has yet to be confirmed.
This proposal details the intended scope of works IHG would undertake to commission the Hospital and ensure that it opens as scheduled. However the scope of work is subject to agreement with the Client and as such, this Proposal is viewed as a discussion…...

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