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Group norms: expected behaviour sanction by a group which regulate and foster uniform member behaviours.
Norms develop due to: * Explicit statements * Critical events * Primary
Explicit statements: explicit supervisor and co-worker statements can inform about group member’s expectations
Critical events: in any group, critical events in a group history set precedents for the future.
Primary: See tendency for the first behaviour pattern, a group displays to set group expectations.
Group cohesiveness – how much members are attracted to a group, are motivated to staying it, and are influenced by one another.
Group development: * Forming: Members try to assess the ground rules that apply to a task and to group interaction. Members seek information about the task, evaluate now group could interact to achieve it, and begin to test how valued their input will be. * Storming: Group members conflict with each other as they find and try to resolve differences of opinion on key issues. Issues might involve task needs and possible resistance. Conflict may arise from how members relate. Members may struggle for leadership if one is not appointed. * Norming: Group members start to build group cohesion, reaching a consensus about task performance and relationship norms. Members idiosyncrasies are accepted and people start to identify with the group members roles are clearer, the group is willing to engage in mutual problem solving. * Performing: Stage when energy is channelled towards a task and norms support teamwork. Solutions come from the previous stages problem solving. Group member’s roles clarify, becoming more effective as the group towards positive synergy and group goals. * Adjourning: group members prepare for disengagement as the group nears successful goal completion.

Fielder’s contingency model: * Leaders differ in the…...

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