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Slide 1: Cover
Slide 2: Agenda
Slide 3: Background of Heineken
Dutch brewing company Heineken International was founded by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1873.
The Heineken brand is available in almost every country around the globe, and it is the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand. * Target Market: income generating consumers of 20 to 40 year old men and women who are less price sensitive than the average beer consumer but slightly more price sensitive than the higher income wine drinkers.
Slide 4: Campaign “Open your world” * Background:
Famous for its tennis sponsorship, Heineken decided to undertake expansion-purposed “open your world” campaigns based on the music platform in order to connect with wider and broader beer/wine consumers in 2010 Dec.
Ranging from TVCs, online Facebook activity, interaction event as well as packaging change (modern design, lower cost).
Slide 5: Video show “The Switch” * Agency: Wieden+Kennedy * featuring the song ‘The Golden Age’ by Danish alternative pop group. The series showcases a man with impeccable style who arrives at a party, interacts with the guests in so many ways before saying yes to a freshly branded bottle of Heineken. * The series follows through with shorter clips providing insights into each guest’s story. The series is released on social media in 2010 Dec. and launched on television in 2011 Feb..
Slide 6: “The Switch” Analysis results * Role and Objective:
As the first Ad of “open your world”, “The switch” is target to build up the impression of the excellence after you open your world and create the buzz for the upcoming related activities.
Slide 7: “The Switch” Analysis results (con`t) * Communication target:
Social network members & TV audience * Target insight:
Be encouraged to be more unrestrained and bring more flavors to life *…...

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