Married to Aspergers

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Married To Asperger’s

Introduction We all remember the awkward kid in school who was a loner and unable to sustain friendships. What happens when this kid grows up, will they marry, can they marry, is it possible for this person to have a successful marriage?
What barriers are there and how can they be dealt with so an other-centered extravert can have a

fulfilling marriage with a self-absorbed person with Asperger’s syndrome? People with Asperger’s

syndrome have difficulties in relationships in general. Marriage is probably is the most

interpersonal of all relationships. I believe it may be difficult for an extravert to have a

fulfilling marriage.

Asperger’s syndrome is one of the Autism spectrum disorders that are characterized by abnormalities of social interaction and communication. Those that are diagnosed with the syndrome often associated exhibit restricted behavior or activities such as being fascinated and glued to a certain activity and often have a general delay in the development of their speech (Janzen, 1999). Because of this, there is a very high likelihood that the people diagnosed with this syndrome will have a problem when it comes to the development of friendships (IAP, 2011). They may engage in a one sided conversation about their topic of interest without necessarily taking into consideration the feeling of the listener and whether he or she is interested in their topic of discussion ( Baskin, Sperber and Price, 2006). This has the effect of making them look very insensitive to other people’s feelings. In other instances, they may engage in conversations with only the people that they like and hence disregarding everyone else who they do not like.

Barriers to an Effective Marriage to an Asperger’s Syndrome Patient

Many barriers exist for there to be a…...

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