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Oven baked French baguette smothered with garlic butter topped with cheddar cheese Succulent Asian spiced chicken tenders coated in a light tempura style batter served with a noodle salad and an Asian dipping sauce Freshly prepared vegetable soup served with a freshly baked bread roll. Button mushrooms stuffed with garlic, herbs & cream cheese, coated in golden breadcrumbs breadcrumbs served with garlic mayonnaise. Sliced chicken breast with baby gem lettuce, crispy bacon, parmesan cheese & a creamy Caesar dressing.


Cheesy Garlic Bread

Asian Spiced Chicken Goujons Homemade Vegetable Soup Stuffed Garlic Mushrooms

Pan fried breast of barbary duck on a bed of crispy stir fried vegetables glazed with a sweet Indonesian jus Sliced spiced Cajun chicken breast stacked with tobacco onions finished with a creamy brandy & peppercorn sauce Lightly spiced salmon fillet resting on oriental stir fried vegetable noodles served with a light sweet chilli cream sauce Grilled 12 oz prime Irish sirloin steak served on a bed of creamed potato with a creamy peppercorn sauce. Tender slices of chicken simmered in a creamy bacon and garlic sauce tossed with fresh pasta finished with parmesan cheese. Grilled 8oz rump steak burger served with maple bacon & cheddar cheese, stacked with tobacco onions finished with a creamy peppercorn sauce Fresh pasta layered with oven roasted vegetables in a roasted red bell pepper & tomato sauce finished with béchamel & melted mozzarella cheese Roast supreme of chicken topped with tobacco onions on a bed of sauteed potatoes served with a garlic & bacon cream sauce.

Pan Fried Breast of Duck Peppered Chicken Stack Spiced Salmon

Chicken Caesar Salad

12oz Sirloin Steak

Chicken Carbonara

8oz Burger

Vegetable Lasagne

Scoops of vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo biscuits & toffee pieces…...

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...Individual Paper- Week 2 Abstract This article will discuss unethical business research; it will demonstrate the effects of using fraudulent information in the stock market. It will tell the effects on the organization as well as the individual. It will indicate the sentence imposed in regards to committing Business fraud. The (SEC) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reported that Martha Stewart did on 27 Dec 2001 receive private information from an employee at Merrill Lynch. This information was used to save her from taking a loss in the stock market. Based on this private information She sold her shares in the ImClone System. By selling all her shares she was able to save $45,673 dollars. It was reported that the day after she sold her stocks the stock market value for ImClone fell 16%. The back lash from this illegal action came to light in the following months. Stewarts reputation suffered. The media had a field day with the information that she had received unpublicized information from her broker at Merrill Lynch. There were several articles headlining this information i.e. Newsweek had a cover indicating “Martha’s Mess”. She went on CBS and was literally grilled by Jane Clayson anchor at that time. During this time she was serving on the New York Stock Exchange as one of the board of directors. As of October of 2002, She had held that position for only......

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...Abstract: Martha McCaskey has been consistently outperforming herself maintaining high levels of integrity in each project assignment. Currently, she was the project lead for a critical project entitled ‘Silicon 6’ which apart from having high significance for her personal career also had high significance from her company’s future perspective. The project required Martha to research upon manufacturing technologies and plant setup costs for a computer chip that the client’s competitor was planning to launch soon. Martha has been promised a promotion to group manager and the organization has been offered interest in assigning approximately 10 new projects. The project presents an ethical dilemma in front of Martha wherein she needs access to what constitutes proprietary information of the target company [client’s competitor] in order to complete the project. In addition to this, she might have to pay someone to gain access to the proprietary information. Stakeholders: Following are the stakeholders of the case • Martha McCaskey: Project Leader- Silicon 6 project • Tom Malone: Chief Operating Officer, Industry Analysis Division [IAD], Seleris Associates • Bud Hackert: Top Manager, IAD • Ty Richardson: Head of IAD • Phil Devon: Semiconductor Industry Consultant, [VP of target company 12 years ago] • Chuck Kaufmann: Senior Associate, IAD • Seleris Associates • Seleris Associates’ client Key Issues: • Completion of Silicon 6 project would require Martha to compromise...

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