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Dr. Saul Ivy
January, 21, 2013

In this 2005 summer blockbuster movie “Hitch” starring Will Smith (Hitch), Eva Mendez (Sara Melas), Kevin James (Albert Brennaman), and Amber Valletta (Allegra Coles) it seemed the reluctance and failure to fully self-disclosure played a huge role in this popular movie. It is a laugh-out loud movie where several characters have misgivings about interpersonal relationships and stumbles through the maze of developing meaningful relationships. One of the main characters Hitch is New York City’s greatest matchmaker; he guarantees that just in three dates his male clients will have the women of their dreams. In walks his hopelessly in love, client, Albert Brennaman, who hires the supreme matchmaker to use his skills, so Albert can get the girl of his dreams, Allegra Cole. Non-full self –disclosure is the prime service Hitch uses for all clients. Kathy Sole the author of “Making Connections: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication” states, “Self-disclosure is an important requirement for friendships as well as intimate relationships; you cannot form authentic relationships without it.”(Sole, 2011, sec.7.5) I agree with the author; Hitch also uses trickery and deception to win over the woman. Here is an example this deception; one client pretended like he almost got hit by a taxi cab to save a lady’s dog so he could go out a date with her: the plan did work. Yes, developing interpersonal relationship skills and self dis closure are sometimes risky and it may leave you feeling vulnerable; disclosure is a process that develops and expands over time. I believe that is the step Hitch is missing in his quick three day guarantee. In a recent article I read, “Can We Talk” was very interesting to me it shared some helpful tips about self- disclosure such as quality conversation, Orbuch…...

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