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Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) – 2012 & 2011
A Financial Review Exercise

In partial fulfillment of the Requirements of BA Finance 31- 2nd Semester 2013-201

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Ma’am Ana Liza Romero Tan

I. Manila Electric Company (MERALCO)
(Holding Company) * Product/Services offered : Electricity * Type of Industry : * Address of Head Office :

II. Brief Background of Manila Electric Company (MERALCO)

MERALCO is the Philippines' largest distributor of electrical power. It is called MERALCO because it means (ME)tro(R)egional(A)nggat(L)ighting(CO)operative, from the Anggat Hydro-Electric Dynamo Facility in the old days. It is Metro Manila's only electric power distributor and holds the power distribution franchise for 22 cities and 89 municipalities, including the whole of the National Capital Region and the exurbs that form Mega Manila.
The name "Meralco" is an acronym for Manila Electric Railroad And Light COmpany, which was the company's original name until 1919.

It is an investor-owned electric utility serving roughly a quarter of the estimated 94 million population of the Republic of the Philippines. It was organized as the Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company 107 years ago in 1903 to provide electric light and power and an electric street railway system to Manila and its suburbs. The facilities that Meralco built to provide these two services represented for many years the largest single investment of American private capital and know-how in the whole of East Asia.

III. Industry/Economic Analysis

* Porter’s Five Forces Classification and Economic Attributes Framework * Company Strategy

IV. Financial Statement Evaluation


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...segments of the Meralco franchise remain still deprived of the benefits and conveniences of legal electricity service. These include (1) informal settlers in certain public lands or private properties; (2) portions of resettlement areas where informal settlers such as families formerly residing along the Pasig River, railroad tracks and privatized government properties; (3) isolated communities; and (4) families unable to meet the minimum legal requirements to apply for and secure legal electricity connections. The thrust of rural/missionary electrification is to develop feasible alternatives to provide these communities with electricity through workable socialized schemes that are suitable to these potential beneficiaries in partnership with Local Government Units (LGUs), Non- Government Organizations (NGOs), and multilateral or bilateral financing institutions. As the leading electric distribution utility company in the country, Meralco also extends support and assistance to other distribution utilities and cooperatives in restoring electricity service to their customers in urban and rural areas particularly in times of emergencies. 2. Grassroots Partnership (Local Government/Barangay) Meralco recognizes the importance of local government units, government agencies and barangays play in uplifting the lives of the people, improving the environment of their communities and enabling commercial and industrial businesses to operate in a sustainable manner. Meralco......

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