Metropolitan Research, Inc. Managerial Report

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Metropolitan Research, Inc.
Detroit Transmission Specialists
Managerial Report

Executive Summary Consumers in the Detroit area, with full sized vehicles have been experiencing early transmission failure, recently. A local repair shop, Detroit Transmission Specialists, have seen a large number of these vehicles come into their shop, and want to get to the bottom of the issue and see why some many vehicles are coming in so early with transmission issues. To investigate the problem seen by the transmission shop, a research company, Metropolitan Research, Inc. was hired. Using descriptive statistics and MiniTab programming the research company was able to conclude that there is a relationship between the vehicles experiencing early transmission failure and a Detroit vehicle manufacturing company. By using a sample of 50 vehicles that went to Detroit Transmission Specialists for repair after experiencing transmission failure, and the mileage that had been driven when the failure began, the research company was able to find a mean for the mileage, the mean interval for miles driven until transmission failure, as well as maximum and minimum miles on vehicles that experienced failure, and the number of repair records necessary to find population mean of miles driven with a margin of error of 5000 miles. Metropolitan Research, Inc. was able to use the data to prove that all of the sample vehicles had experienced early transmission failure and were manufactured at the same Detroit manufacturing company, but in order to pinpoint the cause of this, the research company would like to further investigate the issue at hand. With further research into the problem, Metropolitan Research, Inc. may be able to avoid future issues that could arise from these statistics among the manufacturer, repair shops, and most importantly the consumer.

Metropolitan Research, Inc.…...

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