Milestone in Psychology

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Milestones in Psychology

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The two dates that I chose to write about is my birthday, which is January 14th and my mother’s birthday which is February 4th. These dates are significant because there are the days that my mother and I were born; and also reminders, of the worst that was to come. My mother became ill around my birthday and was hospitalized on her birthday and died later that year. In this essay I will write about all the other significant events starting on January 14th, that happened on those same dates many, many years ago which include births, experiments, developments and discoveries. Starting the new year off, on January 14th 1847 Johannes, Orth was the founder of the Wurzburg School, which stressed difficult to understand, “imageless” nature of thought and conscious process. The basic thesis of the Wurzburg school consists in the postulation of the existence of special states of consciousness—“thoughts”—which cannot be reduced to the sensory content (Great Soviet encyclopedia, ed. A. M. Prokhorov (1979). Johannes Orth and his studies at the Wurzburg School were the initial starting point on the conscious process because Florence Rockwood Kluckholn born on January 14th 1905; believed that specific patterns of behavior can be that influenced by culture. Orth’s belief was that the thought of a conscious process; which is the relationship between the mind and the world within which it interacts intertwine with Florence idea in how someone’s behavior is influenced by culture. In 1982 and 1983 there were breaking developments on the Psychology scene; in 1982 Richard M. Schifrin started the publication the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning and Memory…...

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