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Mini literature review

The Question
How do the heroes smoking in supernatural effect the perception of smoking as a social norm in young people today.
Stereotyping the Smoker: Adolescents' Appraisals of Smokers in Film
McCool, J. P., Cameron, L., & Petrie, K. (2004). Stereotyping the smoker: Adolescents' appraisals of smokers in film. Tobacco Control, 13(3), 308-314.
This is a research article on how to asses demographic factors and film smoking stereotypes in adolescents and the potential influence of smoker stereotypes on smoking susceptibility.
They based this study on different demographics such as ethnicity, and gender. Using two groups aged 12 and 16 they conducted a questionnaire. They found that younger adolescents and males where more likely to view smoking in image based stereotypes; While older adolescents and females where more likely to see them in emotional stereotypes. Well finding correlations in both for an increased susceptibility to smoking the image based stereotypes where stronger. But both groups where seeing smoking as an accepted norm either to look cool or sexy, or as a relaxer when stressed or depressed. Interesting to note was that susceptible non-smokers and young adolescence where more likely to report greater time spent watching films. They concluded with that although adolescent group differences are important to appraisals of smokers in film, image stereotypes were found to be associated with smoking susceptibility.
Adolescent perceptions of smoking imagery in film
McCool, J. P., Cameron, L. D., & Petrie, K. J. (2001). Adolescent perceptions of smoking imagery in film. Social Science and Medicine, 52(10), 1577-1587. doi:10.1016/S0277-9536(00)00270-7
This studies aims where under pinned by several question related to how the young make sense of smoking imagery, how their perceptions are shaped by the context of the…...

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