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Jamie described the method of advertising through mobile media in her posting. She gave her opinion on the use of SMS ads stating her dislike for the concept. Jamie continued to explain how advertisements on free applications are tolerable due to their less invasiveness. She contributes the hassle of ignoring SMS ads as a reason for not liking the promotional strategy. I would agree with Jamie’s stance on SMS advertisements. I think they are annoying to receive and I do not trust responding to them. I feel that responding to these numbers may pose a liability to becoming signed up for a costly service unknowingly.

Jamie continued her post in a discussion of the current smartphone market and listed that it comprises only about 11% of the mobile communication sector. She details the new methods of communication that have been established and become popular via smartphones. “Talk” has been downgraded and is not viewed as a primary function of a smartphone anymore. I believe that phones will continue to evolve to further function users with benefits and applications. I also think that in the next 5 years smartphones will have a more dominant market share by attracting a greater amount of users by offering more affordable products. After reading through Dr. Bentley’s research materials and Jamie’s posting I believe that the future of news and communication rests in the development and advancement of mobile media and smartphones. Talk and text will be replaced with new communication technologies and functions such as Facetime and web browsing in the…...

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...The Mobile Landscape Insights for Advertising April 25, 2011 Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Consumer Behavior Trends 4 III. Mobile Technology 7 Mobile Devices and Services Other mobile-relevant technologies of interest The Development of Native Apps vs. Web Apps IV. Mobile Advertising 16 Banner ads on mobile devices Mobile applications or apps Mobile gaming Mobile commerce Location-based services or LBS Mobile and Health Mobile Metrics and Analytics V. The Future of Mobile Media 30 VI. Conclusion 34 VII. Works Cited 35 Part I: Introduction As predicted nearly ten years ago in their article, “The Death of Advertising,” Roland Rust and Richard Oliver wrote, “the new media represent a vast ‘network of networks,’ now often referred to as the information superhighway. A technical reality, major parts of the information super highway are under construction all over the US (1994).” During the digital revolution of the last decade, modern humanity has experienced a shift in traditional media consumption habits, which is now culminating with mobile technology. In examining the emerging mobile landscape, two things are increasingly apparent. One, mobile technology is heading into uncharted territories. Two, this is happening at unprecedented rates. This landscape is so unpredictable that the introduction of a new......

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