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Mobile Technology & Applications Effect on Rental Car Companies


Aubrey A Maloney

IS535 –Managerial Applications of Information Technology

DeVry University
OCT 8, 2010

Abstract Mobile technology and applications are the future of business. With this technology it will make it easier to automate a business such as a rental company and help cut costs. With almost every phone created theses days being Smartphone/PDA and application ready, it will quickly be a more convenient way for the customer that rent cars to be checked in or out of vehicles. It also will help the internal operations of the business flow more quickly for an example, when you have a mobile alert from your phone application that a certain car needs maintenance or has been damaged. Mobile application and technology improve business processes, and establishes a baseline view of applications and services for future evaluation of customer service and functional levels. Mobile technology and applications will help rental car companies like Enterprise generate new business, improve workforce productivity and better serve customers. It will effectively improve productivity, lower costs and enhance differentiation. The mobile solution gives gateway delivery to the information access that it needs now, while being designed to grow with the company into future. Mobile technology is the constantly expanding sector of equipment and related services that enable people to work away from their desks. Lately developers of mobile applications have taken advantage of increasingly powerful devices and bandwidth-rich networks to provide more highly functional mobile applications. Now its possible to perform a great percentage of the tasks in the field that formerly were constrained to the desktop PC.

Table of Contents Definition 2 Background of Company 4 Current Business…...

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