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MOT Management Style.

The biggest challenge between hi-tech and low-tech lies in the management of the most important asset in any project - Human Resources. According to the textbook, ‘field research finds that performance problems involve mostly managerial, behavioral and organizational issues rather than technical difficulties’. High-tech HR are more educated, self-directed, highly skilled/specialized, ambitious, demanding and question everything, with some outsized expectations requiring recognition of their accomplishments. Traditional linear work processes and top-down controls are no longer sufficient, but are replaced by flatter, leaner organizations, are less sequential and centrally administered, more team based, self-directed, agile. Many project managers will try to get the best people on their project team. Experts are needed, but a team selection process focused on experts might not result in a team that that works well together, i.e. that became cohesive. Prefered is a motivated and reliable team in which the members complement each other. Cohesive teams work hard, enjoy their work, and spend a great percentage of their time focused on the project goals. They have the following characteristics: Competent team members
A shared, elevating vision or goal
A sense of team identity a results driven structure
A commitment to the team, mutual trust, interdependence, small team size
Effective communication
A sense of autonomy
A sense of empowerment
A high level of enjoyment
A cohesive team creates “us” and the manager is in the sticky position of being not completely “us” and not completely “them”. Leaders are only effective when they focus on how to make their people successful. If you are lucky, you can get a cohesive team for your project and you can be relieved of many of the usual management duties. So one of the key challenges for a…...

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