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Definition of being jewish
What Jews believe in (torah) (Moshiach?!)
Prayers (kosel?)
(Hebrew/ Jewish words)
Shabbos (lighting candles, kiddush)
(Rosh Chodesh?)
Tznius / relationships between men and woman. The way men and woman dress
What does “kosher” mean (what we’re allowed to eat and what not)
Death / mourning (kaddish, tahara??) resurrection

Being Jewish:
Who is a Jew according to the Torah?
The definition of a born Jew is someone whose MOTHER is Jewish. Even though the the Torah forbids a Jewish woman to marry a Gentile man, if she does, her children wills till be Jewish.
The Torah also forbids a Jewish man to marry a Gentile woman, and if he does, his children by that woman will NOT be jewish.

What Jews believe in:
Judaism believes that the Creator is the Only Creator, and the Only Controller. The Creator is the true One and Only Power, the true Source.
There is only One G-d. G-d is the Creator. We often use the Name "Hashem," when referring to the Creator.
The Creator cannot die. The Creator cannot suffer, and the Creator cannot bleed. The Creator is not a man, and no human can be G-d. The Creator cannot be hanged on a cross to die, or flogged like a criminal.
The Torah also teaches that the Creator does not change
The Creator does not have a mediator, nor does the Creator need a mediator. Furthermore, humanity does not need a mediator to have a relationship with the Creator.
Therefore, Jews pray only to the Creator. It is not proper to pray to anyone or anything else, nor is it permissible to pray through anyone else. And it will always be forbidden. It would be forbidden even if that thing or person had the ability to grant what you ask for.
The Torah includes two sections; the Written Torah and the Oral Torah. No human being can understand the Written Torah without the guidance of the Oral Torah. The Creator…...

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