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Adidas Group is a German publicly traded company that manufactures and distributes sportingapparel, shoes and equipment to the public. Adidas is the largest manufacturer of sporting apparelin Europe, and is the second largest manufacturer in the world, behind its greatest competitor, Nike.


The foundation

18 August - adidas is registered as a company, named after its founder: 'Adi' from Adolf and 'Das' from Dassler.

Adidas roup produces not only sport shoes, it produces: •bags, shirts, watches, eyewear, and other sports- and clothing-related goods.

One of the reasons Adidas is such a reputable brand in the industry is due to a well establishedbrand name, and also Adidas commitment to consumers.

Under the Adidas name, many products are manufactured and distributed, under three different categories and logos:

● Adidas Performance

● Adidas Originals

● Adidas Style

All three of which still contain the signature three stripes incorporated into the logos to signify the Adidas brand.Each of these three Adidas brands covers a different targeted segment of the market that the AdidasGroup is operating in. It appears that the Adidas Group is targeting both male and female consumers who passionate and focused on living an active lifestyle. Adidas Performance is focused on delivering excellent quality sporting apparel and products to all sporting enthusiasts, regardless of their age. Adidas has the ability to appeal to both a young and older demographic.

The aim is to analyse the Integrated Marketing Communications program for the Adidas products,and understand how they combine a number of factors in their marketing communications, such asprint media advertising, word of mouth, events and sponsorship, broadcast media, sales promotion,interactive/internet marketing and personal selling and direct marketing to attain the…...

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