Murder She Did

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Murder She Did


Johnny Carter
Professor Yaw Adu-Gyamfi
Liberty University
English 102
April 6 2012

Table of Contents

1. Thesis 2. Introduction 3. Obsession 4. Murder

Thesis Statement

Falling in love with a student has always been frowned upon. Even so, what happens when that love turns into an obsession? What happens with that obsession turns to murder?

Evelyn-Viktoria Ross was a petite forty –year-old school teacher, who had various degrees ranging from teaching to psychology; she even won the “Teacher of the Year Award “for the past three years at her current high school she taught at. Life was good; she didn’t think it could get any better that was until she met the new student Michael Jasper.
Michael Jasper was a blond hair; blue-eyed, baby faced seventeen year, who came from a rich family. Anything Michael wanted he got with the snap of his fingers Evelyn knew that Michael would not pay any attention to her. However, that didn’t stop her from convincing herself that she was in love with her new student. Evelyn knew a teacher-student relationship would be frowned upon; nevertheless, there was something about Michael that made Evelyn’s heart skip a beat, whatever it was it stirred up desires that Evelyn had never had for a student before.

Michael had transferred to the school and into her class a little over three months ago. Evelyn at first just saw Michael as another rich student who was popular with all the girls. It wasn’t until he stayed late after class to ask her a question about the previous night’s homework that she saw him as more than a student. She saw him as a man. She saw him as someone who could be more than just a friend a lover, a lifelong partner. That was when she started following him.
Evelyn had convinced herself that she had to protect Michael. There’s nothing wrong with making sure he got…...

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