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Yasser Omar Abdallah
28 Atef Abdel Latif Street, Mansoura, Egypt 31155 (002)0100-99 19 99 1

Personal Information:
Full Name: Birth Date: Gender: Citizenship: Military Status: Marital Status: Yasser Omar Abdel Rady Abdallah. 25/07/1990. Male. Egyptian. Not called for Duty. Single.

Seeks the position of Business Administration teaching assistant position, these would help me enhance my best abilities while strengthening my weaknesses, Where my skills can be Developed and used effectively.

B.S in Business Administration Business Administration Dep. Faculty of Commerce - English Section Mansoura University Mansoura, Dakahlya, Egypt. GPA: 86.2% Rank: First (in a class of 91 students). 2007-2011

Pre -Master of business administration 2011-2012 Faculty of Commerce – Business Administration Dep. Mansoura University Mansoura, Dakahlya, Egypt GPA: 78% Rank: First (in a class of 64 students).

MSc in Management of Technology School of management of Technology, Nile University Smart Village, Giza, Egypt

2013- present.

Vice President for Research and Development Issues Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Mansoura University Mansoura, Dakhleya, Egypt Job Responsibilities: July 2013- present

1. Full-delegated authority to act on behalf of the TTO's Director in his absence. 2. Responsible for the development and execution of the TTO's technical strategy. 3. Providing leadership and direction for the administrative staff, setting an effective agenda and ensuring performance goals are met. 4. Providing the technical support for other offices, especially TISC, in their duties. 5. Providing media support events for MU's research achievements. 6. Implementing the office's development plans, including analysis and implementation of priorities, partnerships, sponsorships and infrastructure needs 7.…...

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