My Idea of Development

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My Idea of Development

Development in its very basic meaning is the progression from one state of being to a more desirable state of being. Take for instance human development; maturing and becoming a contributing member of society is its goal. It is more desirable to be a mature and productive adult than to remain a child or child-like. The same goes for the development of nations and their economies and political and social systems. It is the goal for developing nations to mature and become stable contributing members of the global community and economy. In human development, part of becoming an adult is gaining the ability to be self-sufficient and having the confidence to continue to be so. Once again if we apply this idea to the development of nations, part of developing is becoming a nation that is sustainably self-sufficient. Obviously the development of third world countries is vastly different from human development, but if you look at the factors that contribute to successful human develop you can generalize them to fit with the development of nations. Whether talking about the development of a human being or a nation, almost everyone would agree that there are fundamental elements that ensure success. Those elements are proper nutrition, good health, education, positive reinforcement and confidence, ability to take care of one’s self, and stability. Michael P Todaro and Stephen C. Smith define the traditional view of development as “the capacity of a national economy, whose initial economic condition has been more or less static for a long time, to generate and sustain and annual increase in its gross national income (GNI) at rate of 5% to 7% ore more.” (14) As Todaro and Smith point out, this definition of development excludes several factors of great significance. This definition rest solely on the basis that an increase in a developing…...

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