My Reflection on Learning Experience for the Last Eight Weeks Studies in Marketing.

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In today’s world, Marketing is the heart of a successful business. A company can only maintain its competitiveness through extensive marketing. A company can market itself in many ways. Apple, for example, has marketed itself through innovation. As the demand for marketing increases, marketing has become more complex than ever, and as a result, marketers have to be more creative to find some efficient ways to satisfy their clients. Therefore, they have designed many marketing strategies that can help them deal with their clients who somehow feel their competitors have outdone them. With this reflection, this paper outlines a brief overview of my observed marketing techniques of Coca Cola Company. It is worth noting that this paper is my personal reflection, and whatever I said has not been verified, hence, do not take it seriously.
Marketing is everywhere. A shopkeeper display his goods in the shelves, in a way that will make anyone who walk in the shop buy something without giving it a thought. However, some companies have gone further in marketing their products to consumers. For example, Coca Cola markets itself in a way that makes consumers associate it with thirst and playing. Although many Australians watch AFL, my favourite sport is a game of soccer, which has made me like drinking Coca Cola. Every time I think of soccer, I think of Coca Cola. This marketing style is very important because it make consumers affection towards the brand a lasting relationship. However, it is an expensive strategy as it cost millions of dollars. This disadvantages many small or emerging companies because they cannot afford millions of dollars for marketing. In the tutorial class, my group members and I explored how Coca Cola has become so dominant in soft drink market.
Tutorial (Week 2)
In my group, our task was to find out what has made Coca Cola so successful since its…...

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