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ED sees critical capacities: Episode 7
According to the director of the Neighborhood Hospital Emergency Department physician, Dr. Gordon, the Neighborhood Hospital is running over capacity and staff personnel are reporting unsafe conditions. In addition, Dr. Gordon adds that the Emergency Department has become overwhelmed with individuals seeking health care most of who do not have emergent conditions, but are unable to access health care through other means. Moreover, he adds that “the city has a lack of adequate medical facilities especially for low-income individuals or indigents.” The doctor also suggested that citizens should be educated on particular symptoms because most of the time an injury or sickness can be treated at home. This increasing hospital capacities force people to come to the Emergency Department for basic health care treatment thereby increasing the waiting period to exceed six hours.
ED sees critical capacities in Episode 7 addresses a community health issue. In accordance with Stanhope & Lancaster (2008), the “focus of community health nursing practice is the health of individuals, families, and groups and the effect of their health status on the health of the community as a whole” (p.17).
Flu deaths expected to rise: Episode 11
According to N. Mckinney, health officials are preparing for the worst this flu season. They are claiming that they expect flu-related deaths will increase. Additionally, the officials maintain that the groups most at risk for flu and dying from the disease are the elderly, those with chronic health conditions, and infants. This past year, many people died from the flu statewide. Health care professionals have attempted to create a salience with health fairs; however, they fear it won’t be enough to curb flu-related deaths.
Flu deaths expected to rise in Episode 11 addresses a public health…...

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