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Issues Facing Organisations of the 21st Century
(Source: Hewitt Associates – Best Employers to Work for in Australia 2001)

1. The emergence of employee networks (flexible staffing models) 2. More diverse workforces 3. Growing importance of information to employees 4. Power shift from leaders to workers 5. Empowered employees 6. New ways to connect to work 7. Speed blurs work life and personal life 8. More diversity in employee needs and concerns

Best Business Results
(Source: Hewitt Associates – Best Employers to Work for in Australia 2001)

Talent acquisition & retention (Accelerated development)

Economic Conditions Customer Loyalty

Best Business Results Employee Motivation (Compelling employment offer) Organisational Culture & Values

People Leadership

In a recent paper, 21st Century Corporations, Hewitt examined the demographic and technological forces impacting businesses this century. The key trends impacting the employer/employee relationship are interesting to consider as we reflect on the practices and secrets of Best Employers. As you read this report, it is worth bearing in mind the issues facing the organisations of the 21st Century.

The Emergence of Employee Networks As technology speeds product life, companies’ workforce needs will change frequently. Companies will need to implement increasingly flexible staffing models and rely on networks of employees, independent contractors, consultants, part-time employees and temporary workers. Jobs will be skill and project based, allowing people to shift responsibilities and projects as needed. In the midst of this movement toward flexible staffing alternatives, companies will work to retain a core group of workers over the long-term to provide flexibility and corporate memory.

More Diverse Workforces As nations across the globe become more demographically…...

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