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There is a time and place is what we are taught to think before we take action. If we are unable to do this successfully, we are thought to be a black sheep. I recognize this as I walk through the door of a 24-hour Starbucks during the middle of the night. Strangers are staying close to those who are familiar and keep to themselves, tinting a cool summer night with an uncomfortable silence similar to a library. Eyes wander; following the slightest movements of newcomers. When there is nothing to see, attention is moved elsewhere to something more unusual like the prostitute that just came in. She became pinned down by stares from those who recognized what she is. More than the standard three second stares and move on, bodies contort from where they sit. Eyebrows are raised; showing judgment of the subject that stands before them. Thoughts are running wild,” Wow so strange… I thought that the only place to see prostitutes are at random street corners… Gross… Doesn’t she know she would stand out at a place like this?... Poor thing…” Observing this, I realize that we are all so used to our own reality that, those who differ are considered unusual.
She stands out against the crowd wearing all black. The cozy, romantic, lighting makes her appear as a slim silhouette among all of the random patterns and colors that surrounds her. Her face reveals an age varying from the mid to late forties, although, her body expresses an age greater than her own. The white contrasting to the black holes in her teeth along with her long brittle hair makes the deterioration of her being more apparent. The man she was with was foreign from the typical people she would befriend. He was in his seventies. Better clothed, wearing light colors. His gold jewelry expressed that he was living better than she was. He behaves as if they are not together until minutes later;…...

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