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The Bicolano language is the dialect of the people of Region six. The region’s six provinces have varying numbers of municipalities, cities and towns. Camarines Sur has the most numerous towns and barrios. There are three cities namely, Naga and Iriga (in Camarines Sur) and Legaspi (in Albay). Airplanes, trains and buses make transportation in the region easy. Albay’s strategic location makes it a gateway for the neighboring regions of Samar-Leyte and the Tagalog provinces. Naga City serves as the center of communication with several commercial radio receivers and government-owned and operated radio networks. The original settlers of Bicol were said to be hybridized by the Tagalog (who migrated to Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur) and the Visayans (who moved to Masbate and Sorsogon). These migrations plus the isolation of certain areas led to the formation of diverse dialects. The Bicol language is basically Malayo-Polynesian with adaptations of some Arabic, Indian, Chinese, and Spanish words. An agglutinative language, it has a simple structure and an inflection that retains the meaning of the word. The isolated people of Libon speak another dialect which combines the dialects in the Rinconada district of Camarines Sur, from Bato to Baao. Another dialect is spoken in southern Catanduanes. Some parts of Masbate and Sorsogon fall linguistically between Bicol and Cebuano. Tagalog with a distinct Bicol accent is spoken in Camarines Norte.
The words listed below are examples of common Bicolano expression with its English translation: Bicolano | English | Dios Marhay na aldaw Kamusta po kamo? Namomotan ta'ka Masain ka? | Good Day; a pleasant dayHow are youI love youWhere are you going |

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