Obesity in America

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Obesity In America

Obesity has and will continue to affect the American people on a negative scale. Unless we change our prospective on how to fight this battle, we will continue to lose. There are many underlying factors that suggest that obesity is more defined than just a food lover’s disease. The main factors are one’s environment, one’s stress management, and one’s genetic makeup.
Someone’s environment plays a very important factor on their lifestyle as well as the types of food they consume. For example, someone who lives on a farm tend to consume more natural foods than someone who lives in an urban environment and consume processed food. There is no secret to the fact that over-consumption of fast food can lead to obesity. Being surrounded by many choices of fast food, can lead someone to over indulge in it, which can lead to other health problems besides obesity.
How someone choose to manage the day-to-day stress in their life, can determine their physical health. For instance, some people handle stress by exercising, painting, sewing, etc. while others handle stress by abusing drugs and/or food. Using food as an outlet to relieve stress will most definitely lead to obesity. When someone uses food to manage stress, often confess that this fix is only temporary and therefore overeating is usually the result. From personal experience, using a tub of vanilla ice cream to get over my ex-boyfriend is really relaxing, but once the ice cream was finished, the emotional pain always returned. It is understandable as to why someone can turn to food because food is extremely accessible and much cheaper than a therapist or a gym membership.
Most people would disagree, but one’s genetic makeup plays does play a role on whether or not an individual would be overweight…...

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