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Role of Seller, General Sales Manager, POP Productions
By Leigh Thompson & Jennifer Bloniarz

You are the general sales manager for POP Productions of New York. POP is one of the largest producers of live entertainment, including Broadway musicals, off-Broadway musicals, concerts, and classic and contemporary plays. As the POP Production sales manager, your key responsibilities are to book POP’s productions with the most prestigious theaters across the United States. Your goal is to structure contracts that are profitable for
After sell-out shows in New York, POP Productions is planning a national tour of the ever-popular musical,
Oceania! Based on a literary classic, Oceania! is a well-known, family-oriented musical featuring a full orchestra, a large cast, elaborate sets and lavish costumes. A Polynesian romantic comedy, Oceania! is appropriate for audiences of all ages.
It is now September. As your national tour dates for Oceania! are quickly filling up, you have limited availability for a week run in Chicago in your busy tour schedule. You have an open spot in the week of April
14th on your calendar. You have received inquiries from a number of theater houses in Chicago, and this area is a profitable market for your shows. You would prefer to have a show in Chicago rather than not scheduling anything. However, in order to justify the expenses of the show, you need to structure a deal that is profitable for POP.
You have talked with the three theater houses in Chicago about bringing in Oceania! for the week of April
14th. Specifically, you have spoken with the Rosalind House, the Aubert Auditorium, and the Grand Palace.
The Rosalind House is a little small for the show. The Aubert Auditorium has a likely scheduling conflict that is unclear whether it is resolvable. The Grand Palace is currently the most viable candidate. The…...

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