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Office on the Go


Ashanti Greenwood

IS535 –Managerial Applications of Information Technology

DeVry University

Table of Contents

Definition of Broadband 2-3 Background of Thomas & Betts 4-5 Current Business Issues with Thomas & Betts 6-8 Proposed Solutions for Thomas & Betts 8-9 Recommendations for Thomas & Betts 10 References 11

Definition of Broadband

What is broadband, Laudon and Laudon (2008, G1) defines broadband as a high speed transmission technology, also designates a single communications medium that can transmit multiple mediums of data simultaneously. Broadband is thought of by most people as a fast internet connection. Most people think of a connection as a way to connect to the internet at a home or business. More over a connection that is wired and in someway to the device that’s receiving the internet signal. Now enter the existence of mobile broadband which allows near landline speeds to a mobile device. Mobile broadband gives a user the ability to send and receive data on the go. Data has been able to be transmitted wirelessly for sometime now. The only difference between then and now is the increases in speed that has come with the maturation of technology. There are a few pieces that dictate the speed of a wireless device. One piece is the network at which the wireless signal is traveling on. Secondly, the hardware that’s powering today’s devices is very different from when the technology was first birthed. Technology moves at the speed of lighting and finally internet access is moving at that same speed. Mobile broadband is not just the internet connected wirelessly with a mobile machine; it’s much more than that. Today’s businesses benefit greatly from current technology and will benefit increasingly as time goes on. Mobile broadband has matured much over it’s…...

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