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MS Office Class Proposal Table of Contents
Summary 3
Description 3
Course Objectives 3
Course Curriculum 3
Course Standards 3
Course Outline 4
Equipment Needed 5
Financial 5
Assumptions 5
Documentation 6 Summary
This proposal is written to communicate the objectives, curriculum, standards and potential revenue in regards to an MS Office class.
This class will be held 2 days a week for a semester in length. The location and times will be determined as the class is developed. The class will be designed for 12 (twelve) students, but will adaptable due to space. It will be taught in various formats, but not limited to lecture, textbook, and hands-on training. Student will also earn up to 2 (two) High School technology credits. The course will be offered in three sections. The sections must build upon each other.
Course Objectives
The objective of this course is to provide the background for the students to become knowledgeable in the components of Microsoft Office. It will also provide them with the knowledge and expertise to fulfill many roles in today’s society, be preparing them in the field of office systems.
Course Curriculum
Textbook - Microsoft Office 2007: Introductory Concepts and Techniques, Windows Vista Edition, 1st Edition ISBN-10: 1423927133
Course Standards
This course will be taught to Sunshine State Standards (See Documentation). Course Outline Essential Introduction to Computers

Microsoft Windows Vista
1. Introduction to Windows Vista

Microsoft Word 2007
1. Creating and Editing a Word Document
2. Creating a Research Paper
3. Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Web Feature: Creating a Web Page Using Word

Microsoft Excel 2007
1. Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
2. Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
3. What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets…...

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