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Case 8.4 “OLD SMOKE”
JANUARY 28, 2012

CASE 8.4 OLD SMOKE 1. Explain how you would handle this situation if you were Charles Renfold.
If I were Charles Renfold and was confronted about the smell of “old smoke’’ I would listen to the complaint from Darlene and explain to her that the company has not banned smoking at the work place. I would also remind Darlene that she has a job to accomplish in the file room and that this is what the company pays her to do and any refusal of such an order could be deemed as insubordination and could result in disciplinary actions. Next I would go talk to Frank and Alice about smoking in the office because he has had a complaint about the odor. He should remind them that while the company and the law does not prohibit smoking in doors, they still have to respect each individual right that work for the company. Charles should contact the main office and try to put a policy in effect that gives the smokers of the company a designated area to participate in this activity. Not allowing employees to smoke or use tobacco products in the office should not drop moral or productivity because using tobacco should only be allowed on designated brakes or at lunch and should also only be done in a designated area that is suitable for the environment. 2. Describe the policy on smoking that you would recommend to Redwood Associates.
The policy that I would incorporate at Redwood Associates for smoking would be that it is only allowed at designated brake times and that there would be a designated area where this could be done. This area would be away from the main entrances of the building as to not affect anyone coming there to conduct business. The remains would also be disposed of properly in a container that is provided by the company. Tobacco of any sort in the building…...

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...Smoking At Work Phillip Singleton Business Ethics 309 May 26, 2012 Professor Problems With Smoking At Work At Redwood Associates, a situation developing involving three employees Darlene, Frank and Alice. Darlene was sickened by the smell of old cigarette smoke in Frank and Alice’s office, in which, she had to complete a report that was past due. As a result, Darlene took the issue up with her supervisor, Charles, to no avail, because the law did not prohibit harmless offensive odors in the workplace. Next, Darlene demanded that Frank and Alice should quit smoking altogether, but Charles said that the company could not force them to quit. She then delivered an ultimatum saying if she had to go into the room to do the past due report then she is “simply not going to do it“(Shaw, 2010). Charles was taken aback by Darlene’s request, and was faced with the dilemma of her not finishing the vital report if he did nothing about the odor. Unfortunately, not much could be done to alleviate the smell in that time span, and had policies already been in place to prevent such an instance, this problem could have been avoided. In hindsight, Redwood Associates should consider putting policies in place that would allow smoking in designated areas outside of the building. Changing company policies for the benefit of health is important, but organizations must be careful not to infringe someone’s personal rights. Handling this situation from Charles’s......

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...Darlene was upset about having to deal with the odor of old cigarette smoke in her company file room. She decided to take a stand and inform Renfold that she refused to work in the file room. This jeopardized a report that was due immediately. I will explain how I would handle this situation if I were Charles Renfold. I will describe the policy on smoking that I would recommend to Redwood Associates. I will also look at how this case would have change if what bothered Darlene was not old smoke but the smell of Alice’s perfume or Frank’s body odor. And finally I will resolve whether it is fair or reasonable for companies to ban employees from smoking in their cars in the company parking lot. Supervising Smoke In this case, I believe Darlene Lambert may have a very good argument but her handling of this legitimate problem is very wrong. Charles Renford is the supervisor in this situation and Darlene is not showing the proper protocol. Charles has reminded Darlene that she has never come to him to discuss this problem before. He also made it clear that the file room workers were not violating company policy with their smoking. Darlene on the other hand is being insubordinate by refusing to do the work. If I was supervisor I would remind Darlene of that fact and remind her of the jeopardy she is putting her position in by refusing to perform an important task. I would empathize with her desire to have a smoke free environment but suggest to her that she......

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