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Back in Paris in 1765, the first was restaurant started by Boulanger. In the beginning, in his tavern, he served the soups which called restorante and later he opened the restaurant named Le Champ d’Oiseau. After the French revolution, in 1794, the French refugee, Jean-Baptiste Gilbert Paypalt, brought the word restaurant to the United States. Paypalt set up the first French restaurant in Boston where served the truffles, cheese fondues and soups. However, this French restaurant was influenced to Delmonico. He decided to open his family-operated restaurants where later counted as American restaurant. Delmonico also is the originator of menu in both French and English with a variety of food and soups. The pattern of eating outside in the restaurant is being more and more attract to the city people especially in rich and famous groups of people. In 1919, there is the public restaurant around 42,600 in the United States. Beside of the food, those restaurants also serve the wine, liquor, cake and ice cream as well. In 1925, the first ice cream franchise was established by Howard Johnson. He opened the first store of ice cream parlor and later persuaded his friend to sell the ice cream called Howard Johnson’s ice cream. However, the first colorful franchise story is the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Colonel Harland Sanders, at his age 65 years old, founded the small restaurant or motel and provided the cooking chicken to his guests. This restaurant can call as the first generation of fast food restaurant. Even there is some restaurant builds up and success, but there is some possibly fail. Operating the restaurant, there are several issues that the restaurant owners have to concern. Firstly, more restaurant owner has to take his limited time to manage the restaurant with long working hours. Too long hours can cause the health problem and lead to…...

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