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A2. Analyze the financial and leadership strengths and weaknesses of the Utah Opera before the merger.
Financial strengths of the opera are positive cash flow, cash reserves and assets as well as fund raising. The opera has done a remarkable job maintain their expenses and making a profit. This is attributed by good fundraising and having strong sponsor. They also have great leadership strength from Anne and her experience in management and seeing success. Some of the financial weaknesses of the opera comprise of net losses on their rental income and expense. This has caused their books to not look very clean even though they show positive profits. Another weakness is a major decline in performance revenue and ticket sales. This could lead to a loss in profit if the current trend continues. Another weakness of the opera was the resignation of Leslie Peterson who is the daughter of the Opera’s founder.
a. Recommend the key steps Anne should take to address these weaknesses.
I believe an effective way that Mrs. Ewers could address the financial weaknesses of the opera would be by upping the rental charges for the rental agreement of their stage equipment. This agreement is currently causing in a net loss of close to one hundred thousand dollars, to generate a profit. In order to help with the decrease in ticket sales Anne needs to reassess the target audience for the opera to ensure that it is still in line with the current advertising and consumer wants. Another thing that she could do would be increasing the ticket prices for admission to the concerts. This would add overall revenue and help battle the current drop attendance.
A3. Analyze the four aspects of the scorecard from the attached “Business Scorecards” for each company.
After evaluating the score card for both he Opera and the Symphony it is obvious that there are some issues that…...

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