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Summary Description of Organization Watts International, Inc. designs, manufacturers, and markets valves and engineered products for the energy, aerospace, and industrial markets with more than 7,000 customers in over 100 countries. The business value states “to value our employees and continuously improve our quality of work to our customers” (Watts, 2011). The company is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining top talent and practicing continuous improvement processes in all aspects of its business and operations. Strategic business acquisitions enhance product distribution in both domestic and international markets to solve customer-specific problems. This organization was selected due to the future transformation of the workforce and the critical nature of possessing excellent communication skills. There are many tenured employees with over 35 years of service. Within the next couple of years, 20% of the workforce will be retiring. This will result in a significant loss of knowledge and experience so it is necessary to begin now cross training employees with less tenure to carry on the quality production now in existence. The most critical positions are senior management and engineers. The product lines are very specialized and require highly experienced personnel. The volume of individuals retiring presents special challenges due to the industry specific expertise required. The new hires will comprise multi-generations with distinct values, ideas, behaviors, and methods of communication. The organizational implementation of continuous improvement initiatives necessitate team building and clear exchange of ideas. Generational differences can impact change management, building teams and collaboration, recruiting, and communication. Misunderstandings can create conflict as…...

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