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Option 1: The Department of Human Resources focuses on children and families. The Department offers an array of services to families in order to assist in maintaining a safe and stable home environment. There are several divisions of the Department such as Child Protective Services and Family Assistance. Family assistance offers assistance in the financial aspect of the family. Child Protective Services goal is to ensure the safety and well being of the youth of Alabama.
In the division of Child Protective Services there are several Programs. Child Abuse and Neglect (CA/N), Family Preservation, and Foster Care. I currently work in the Family Preservation Program. Our goal is to maintain the family or reunite a child with his/her family if it is in the child’s best interest. Our main goal is providing children permanency. As a Family Preservation worker there is an array of responsibilities that one holds. I am responsible for implementing services that will be beneficial for the family.
Option 1: On the average each worker may average at about 21 cases. Each case can contain 1-10 or more children. Each child must be physically seen by the worker every month. Where ever the child is located the worker must travel there in order to have face to face contact with that child. The implementation of the Division would save the worker a lot of change, save the State money on the mileage that is paid to the workers and the State also saves in the amount of comp time that is used to do the additional traveling.
Research Plan
A focus group will be evaluated. It will be a major county in Alabama. The Implementation will take place for a 60 days trial. The results we be studied as the before and after.
1. This websites goes into polices of the Family Preservation Unit.…...

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