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Evaluation of Security Programs

SECURITY SITE SURVEY REPORT THE DEVRY CENTER 9210 HIGHER EDUCATION DRIVE NEW YORK, NY 11747 OVERVIEW A security survey is the official procedure utilized to review specific applications, areas, or Processes of residence or a business to document security, risk vulnerabilities, and authenticate the program in place (Broder & Tucker, 2011). One could perform a survey from all the risk perspectives such as facility security, physical security, or life safety. An expert conducts a involving a pre-determined constraint of checklist as well as an official reporting system. A security survey is a significant element of the general risk and security program (Craighead, 2009). When carrying out a security survey one must set clear goals. The goals would also be extensive from reviewing the fitness of the whole security program to more summarizing goals, such as the value and effectiveness of the physical security of the programs (Luis, 1994). SITE DESCRIPTION The Devry center building is located in downtown New York City on a four-acre piece of land. The building is a thirty story high containing 1,250 underground garage parking spaces and a rooftop garden. The building has a maximum capacity of 2000 tenants, and the tenants occupy the 27th and 30th floor of the building. SCOPE I conducted the security survey at Devry Center on December 1, 2013 to December 5, 2013. This report takes into consideration the current security and evaluates the site’s vulnerability and the associated risk factors. The information contained in this report came from the senior administrative officers in the building, parking attendants, the building management representatives, and from the tenants in Devry building. This report provides a detailed security site survey and an evaluation of…...

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