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Oxford Plastics Company manufactures high-quality plastics and resins for many different uses. Jobs through Oxford Plastics were a major part of the economy as well as played an important role in the state by employing about 3,000 community members with high paying factory jobs. With strong support from the community and the state, Oxford performed well since they were perceived by the larger environment to have a legitimate right to exist (pg.188). The idea of investment of normative forces (pg. 192) for a state-of-the-art color lab and paint shop was explored for a better and faster way of matching colors for customers was being considered for implementation within two years, if agreed upon by interorganizational collaboration.
Entering the new market for Oxford depended on a multitude of external factors playing against their favor within time constraints. Given the ideal location for the new factory was on 25 acres of several 400-500 year old beech trees and outside their current industrial zoning boundary, many coercive forces were in place. Also, with a non-profit ready to sell the land and the other organization moving slowing on agreement, tight schedules were put into place allowing time for the EPA to set new regulations before the two years and force Oxford to stop using their old process and ultimately shut down the factory. Coercive forces such as these forced Oxford to operate under restrictions and possibly adopt changes that might increase homogeneity and limit diversity without collaboration from interorganizatinal relationships (pg. 192).To move through this process faster, Oxford had to cooperate with its strong associations with key players for a prerequisite for greater innovation, problem solving, and performance (pg. 179) throughout the investment process. One of the main issues facing Oxford Plastics was implementing interorganizational…...

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