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History of Oxford University

Oxford University was a boy’s only school founded in 872. It was founded when Alfred the Great met some monks and had a scholarly debate with them. Although the school was founded in 872, teaching didn’t really start until 1096 when Henry II forbade students from attending the University of Paris. Over time, new colleges opened within the university and allowed more students to study what they wanted. Included in the university were 38 colleges and 6 private halls. The small number of students in each college allows for specific attention to the students (www.ox.ac.uk). Every school was built for more students to study at their will. The professors at these colleges included extremely talented men that came to teach students the wonders of things such as math and science. Over the years, this school has made very little changes but now includes new difficulties and rules.
Oxford University remained an all-boys school for a very long time. Women were first accepted into other colleges at Oxford in 1920. In 1878, academic halls were established for women. They allowed them to sit in on different lectures and help them study anything they wished. They wanted to promote the higher education of women, so beginning in 1879 they opened women only schools as a part of the university. Lady Margaret Hall and Somerville were both opened in 1879, followed by St. Hugh’s in 1886, St. Hilda’s in 1893, and St. Anne’s in 1952. These 5 schools eventually let in men. St. Hilda’s college was the last all-girls school until it accepted men in 2008 (www.ox.ac.uk).
When the school was first opened, students attending the university would live with local townspeople. If the student came from a higher class family, their fathers would rent whole houses for their sons. The first living hall, St. Edmund Hall opened in 1238. From this point on, students were…...

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