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What specific actions can followers take, both individually and in a group, so as not to be complicit in supporting the actions and activities of “bad” leaders?
In today’s fast paced world, leader-follower relations are more dynamic than ever, whereby individuals that were once leaders are becoming followers and followers are becoming the new leaders. Power, authority, and influence are some of the characteristics which distinguish leaders from follower. As described by Barbara Kellerman, followers are subordinates who have less power, authority and influence compared to their superiors and who therefore usually, but not invariably, fall into line. However, these elements which define leader and followers are constantly changing based on situational context. As a result, any follower can be a leader and any leader can be a follower depending on situation and personal characteristics. Leaders are often assumed to be powerful and independent. On the other hand, it is impossible to be a leader without followers. Leaders do not act alone and leadership cannot exist in isolation. Leaders and followers are like two side of a coin: one is unable to exist without other. As explained by Malcolm Stubblefield, leaders exist because of followers. Traditionally “leadership” has become synonymous with good leadership. However when the concept of leadership is considered broadly it becomes evident that leadership has both a good and a dark side. Bad leadership (or dark side) is characterized by the leader’s unethical behavior intended for achieving their goal in harmful ways. Barbara Kellerman states that seven types of bad leadership have become prevalent in today’s organizations; Incompetent, Rigid, Intemperate, Callous, Corrupt, Insular, and Evil.
Similar to leaders, followers have two categories: good followers and bad followers. The followers who practice independent…...

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