Paragraph Assignment 1 Writing with Intent

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13 February 2014
Paragraph Assignment 1
Writing with Intent

I can improve my writing in the next thirteen weeks by studying vocabulary, practicing reading, and proofreading my work. For example I have a subscription to the Union Tribune Newspaper. I try to read a newspaper article daily. As a result, I am able to keep up with the local news and learn new vocabulary. In fact the dictionary has become my best friend. Using the dictionary to look up words I don’t understand will help me understand the meaning and the flow of the story. I have added many new words to my vocabulary by doing this. Using the new words in my speech and writing, I am able to remember the vocabulary.
Additionally to improve my writing, I have established a reading routine schedule. Early in the morning I read a book for thirty minutes. Secondly, I read a magazine or newspaper article in the late evening. My two favorite magazines are Times and National Geographic. They are very challenging magazines. However when I don’t understand the material, I will reread until I comprehend. Also reading a book or a magazine increases my knowledge and makes me smarter.
Yet another reason my writing will get better is by proofreading my work. I will do this by using the tutorial service at the Academic Skills Center. Last week, when I walked in the Academic Skills Center for the first time, I was very impressed. And the best part, “it is free!” I plan to take all my English assignments that need to be proofread. Having other people read my assignments will help me correct my mistakes. Additionally reading out loud to myself, I am able to point out any run-on sentences. You won’t believe how many times I do this! Not to forget my new best friend the Dictionary I’m able to check my grammar.
Therefore to improve my writing I need to practice my vocabulary on a daily basis.…...

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