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Parent Participation Assignment

Parents know their children better than anyone. Parents have different kind of knowledge about their child than the child’s teacher. The parent knows information like the child’s medical history, how social their child is with others or their child’s learning style. These are all important information that the teacher can benefit from if accessible to them. Through the parent the teacher can learn about their student’s home life and cultural background which will help the teacher understand then child. Parent participation in schools can be crucial for a child’s success. There are a many parent can participate in their child’s classroom where it can be beneficial for everybody.

One way parents participate can be beneficial is on a field trip. Parents can volunteers as a chaperon for a field trip. Chaperons are always needed for filed trips to help look after the children. This is a form of parent teacher interaction were every one benefits. The teacher gets extra help; every adult is an extra eye. I also think the teacher can benefit from the parent’s presents because the children are less likely to misbehave if there is a parent present. The parent will be able to be their on the trip with the child and therefore have a peace of mind about their child’s safety. The parent also gets to see their child in a different light then they do at home. They get the chance to see their child as they interact with their friends and their teacher. Most children enjoy having their parent to be with them it makes them feel safe, in other word the child befits because they get that sense of security. A disadvantage of the parent’s presents on the trip may develop if the parent becomes detraction for the child and the child doesn't learn all that is possible on the trip.

Parents may also want to work…...

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