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Multi-Layered Security Outline

Task The Networking Division for Richman Investments, has been tasked with creating a general solutions outline for safety and data information that belongs to the organization. The following outline will discuss security solutions for each of the seven domains of the IT infrastructure. User Domain The User Domain is the weakest. The most common vulnerability is the lack of user awareness and user apathy toward security policies. This risk is avoided by conducting security awareness training and consistent reminders of the security policies via emails or banner greetings. Conducting annual training and updating the staff manual will go a long way to help avoid this risk. User media, as well as, personal USB’S are another security risk to the User
Domain. This risk is protected by disabling the internal CD drives and USB ports, and enabling automatic antivirus scans for inserted media drives, files, and email attachments. Content filtering network devices are configured to permit or deny specific domain names in accordance with AUP definition. The last way to protect the User Domain will be to restrict access to only those systems, applications, and data needed to perform the employee’s particular job requirement, this will help protect user destruction of systems.
Workstation Domain The Workstation Domain consists of desktops, laptops, and or personal data assistants
(smartphones). The following will list some of the most common threats followed by the security solution: Unauthorized access to workstation- enable password protection and automatic lockout during time of inactivity, Unauthorized access to data or applications- strict access control to policies, procedures and guidelines, Viruses or Malicious code- workstation anti- virus, enable an anti virus to automatically scans and…...

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