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Object-oriented Programming (OOP) / Event-Driven Programming (EDP) versus Procedural Programming (PP)

Strayer University
CIS Computer Programing Design
Francis Straz
Dr. Kolta

In OOP, code and data are merged into one standard item, an object. An object is an abstraction of a set of real-world item. The object would contain all information and functionality for that item; ideally, information about a particular item should reside in only one place in a system. Programmer’s information within an object that is encapsulated from the rest of the Program. If a change is made in the object, it doesn’t mean that it also has to be changed throughout the program. It may not have to be changed. However, when we use Object Orientated programming if an object is changed significantly enough then there is no way around the notion if probably changing the way it is called from the rest of the program and thus breaking the rest of the program as well. One thing to keep in mind is how many times the programmer plans on using the object.

When the programmer uses traditional programming functions and these functions do a specific task. In Object Orientated programming languages include features such as "class", "”Inheritance” and "polymorphism" that the power and flexibility of an object. So you can build off of one object and create a more advanced version of that object. Inheritance is often an approach to reuse program code of existing objects, in order to establish a subtype coming from a current object, or both, based upon programming language . In traditional inheritance where objects are defined by classes, classes can inherit characteristics and behavior from existing classes called base classes. Therefore, resulting classes are recognized as derived classes, subclasses or child classes. The connections of classes through inheritance provide an…...

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