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Diabetes patients overview in India


Top Companies in the Anti-Diabetics Segment value viz.(Rs.)
3,703 492 304 224 183

100 17.9 11.1 8.2 6.7

23.2 18 22 24 15

Anti-Diabetic 1. 2. 3. 4. ABBOTT USV SANOFI-AVENTIS SUN






Top Selling Brands in the Anti-Diabetics Segment value viz. (Rs.)

MAT 02/2012 VALUE(Cr.)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



226 105 101 96 72

Glimep.+met. Insulin Vildagliptin+met.

Top performing brands of IPM in antidiabetics category (Unit Viz.)

MAT 02/2012 units (Lac.)




3. 4. 5.


Glibenclamide Metformine Glibenclamide+met.

311 281 268



Top performing combinations in oral antidiabetics category (Value Rs.Cr.)

157.62 0.00 80.04 135.89 102.25

MATMATMATMAT02/2009 02/2010 02/2011 02/2012
217.80 15.40 115.61 153.87 122.42 307.46 103.23 167.95 176.78 149.63 417.66 210.31 232.90 203.39 177.54 567.43 373.58 324.22 226.03 211.46

6. 7. 8.
9 10


113.84 25.47 64.26
70.04 43.81

116.54 41.74 68.68
71.80 44.44

129.61 77.79 75.31
76.33 56.21

135.34 106.90 80.34
78.94 65.60

147.28 135.96 88.78
84.95 71.62

Top performing combinations in oral antidiabetics category (Unit Viz. in Lac.)

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