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Personal Academic Plan Principles of self management MGT306 Shawn Thomas Cardinal Stritch University September 2, 2012

My personal academic plan will discuss my academic plan for my pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Business and Management. Instead of giving you my whole calendar plan that described my class. I will outline some classes that will help me reach my goal until I graduate in 2014.
As a start I would to explain my position. I am graduated last may with an associate degree from Cardinal Stritch University. Through the course of my classes at Cardinal Stritch University was exciting, I was challenge in all my classes. I was required to get a good grades and education despite being a father, and working, I met all of these requirements. Once I completed my Bachelor’s degree I want to start and own my own restaurant. My classes that I’m taking will be accountable as elective courses. One the classes that stand out is the Management and Leadership class. This class will help develop, and sharpen skills that will help know how a leader will be and know what is a manager is. Many people, by the way, are both. They have management jobs, but they realize that you cannot buy hearts, especially to follow them down a difficult path, and so act as leaders too. Business Ethics has become increasingly important in business education as ethical dilemmas arise in every aspect of business. Maintaining a high degree of corporate responsibility in the face of competition and market pressure can be difficult. Students must balance the needs of internal and external stakeholders, maintain focus on their strategy and work cohesively while responding to ethical issues. Marketing is just as important as the other two. The development of my brand means going to the restaurant…...

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Personal Action Plan academic essays. The system embeds comments into your paper and suggests possible changes in grammar and style. Please evaluate each comment carefully to ensure that the suggested change is appropriate for your paper, but remember that your instructor's preferences for style and format prevail. You will also need to review your own citations and references since WritePoint capability in this area is limited. NOTE: WritePoint comments are computer-generated writing and grammar suggestions inviting the consideration and analysis of the writer; they are not infallible statements of right/wrong, and they should not be used as grading elements. Also, at present, WritePoint cannot detect quotations or block-quotes, so comments in those areas should be ignored. Please see the other helpful writing resources in the Tutorials and Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence. Thank you for using WritePoint. Personal action plan Regina Edwards Communication/315 November 1, 2012 Meredith Cinman Personal Action Plan Plan [Typographical error: eliminate duplicate word (if on the same line)] of action Last Thursday, instead of coming to class, I [Avoid use of the first person (I, me, my) in academic writing unless writing about a personal experience....

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